Research program and design

The aim of GREEN CONCRETE project is to provide recommendations for the construction of gravel turf consisting of recycling materials or natural gravel based on comprehensive research. The knowledge gained shall help – primarily the involved SME – to market gravel turf.

An ambitious research program and clear implementation plan have been developed to guarantee success. Step by step good results are achieved and milestones acquired.


The project is divided into 3 phases:

Start-up phase

In the start-up phase – first six month of the projects overall duration – a variety of materials have been tested on their chemical, physical and vegetation technical properties. Concluding from all initial test results, the construction materials for the test sites were elaborated and finally determined.

Main phase

At the very start of the main phase, the previously determined construction materials for the test sites were prepared and built in at all test locations. 184 parking spots have been constructed with 16 basic materials in different variations. The great number of test sites results from two different compost allotments, two different seeds assortments and the statistical necessity to repeat the field trials 3 times with every material mixture variant.

After construction activities were successfully completed, the scientific research program was started. The research program differentiates between “basic tests” and “special tests”. Basic tests comprise of:

Basic tests are conducted in a standardized way and regular intervals at every test site.

Each involved research institution performs a special test according to their special expertise. The Landesanstalt für Wein und Gartenbau investigates the physical and chemical properties of the seepage water (eluate) at their test site. The Fachhochschule Erfurt ascertaines a detailed water balance of gravel turf and its microclimatic impact at their test location. A comparison of gravel turf and competing techniques will be elaborated. The Institute of Soil Bio engineering of the University of Natural Resources and Applied Sciences Vienna observes the vegetation development at all test locations.


Final phase

The final phase of the GREEN CONCRETE project focuses on the integration and interpretation of the data acquired. The involved SMEs will receive a detailed recommendation how to build gravel turf with their materials.

The results will be broadly disseminated, by informing interest groups and wider stake holders.

Grafische Darstellung des Projektablaufs:
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