The GREEN CONCRETE project aims to develop suitable seeds assortments consisting of grasses and herbs. The composition and proportion of species shall be optimized for every material and testing location. As reference to existing knowledge a seed assortment recommended by the FLL (RSM 5.1, FLL 2008) consisting solely of grasses is also tested. A degree of plant coverage of at least 50 % is provided for gravel turf to comply with acceptability standards.

The following question shall be answered in course of the project:

  • which seed assortment is suitable?
  • how suitable is every single species at the different testing locations?
  • how suitable is every single species for the different materials?
  • how is the development of the seeds assortments?
  • how is the degree of coverage of the seeds assortments?
  • how does the degree of coverage change?
  • how does the composition and proportion of the species change?
  • how capable to resettle unplanted areas are the species?

The following criteria have been considered in the selection of suitable grasses and herbs:

  • geographical extension
  • soil-, nutrient-, climate demands
  • high variety and ecological value of species
  • germination and competition capacity
  • plant function within the seed assortment
  • thousand corn weight
  • availability of seeds
  • resistance against loading and drought
  • regeneration capacity
  • Habitus, average plant height, flowering aspect
  • maintenance effort

Plants which meet this variety of criteria are e.g. achillea millefolium, lolium perenne, medicago lupulina