During the project, the suitability of recycling materials for the construction of gravel turf is investigated for the first time ever. Recycling materials from the demolition of buildings is an easy available resource. Yet, the suitability as well as applicability of these materials is very restricted. The usage of the mentioned recycling materials as vegetation base layer for gravel turf is opening a new market for all involved companies.

The vegetation base layer of gravel turf is made up by two components:

  • structural grain and (recycling material, natural gravel)
  • organic substrate (soil and/or compost)

The two components have to be mixed in a certain proportion. The structural grain provides stability, whereas the substrate is decisive for the plantability. Based on the existing knowledge a maximum of 20 Vol.-% substrate may be added.


Gravel turf materials have to meet a variety of requirements. The challenge is to combine the vegetation technical- and construction technical needs. The following parameters define the geotechnical properties:

  • grain size mixture
  • Proctor density
  • water permeability
  • resistance against frost-dew-alternation
  • resistance against in-situ-crushing

The following parameters are decisive for a successful planting and the interpretation of the vegetation observation data:

  • ph-Value
  • compartment of organic material
  • water permeability
  • max. water capacity
  • proportion of nutrients (C/N, KAK)
  • availability of nutrients

Of course, all materials have to be environmental compatible.